Christmas Haul <3

As a new year begins, I thought I would start it off by doing something I had on my mind for a long time. I decided to start a new blog. I already started some in the past, but I never clung to them and eventually they never really crossed my mind anymore. But with this  one I want to change things. I start this new year totally fresh and with brand new ideas.

I noticed the past few years a change in my interests. Where I used to be a tomboy and never really did my hair or makeup. I now wear makeup every day and I love to experiment with my hair and different clothing styles. And I feel so much more confident with myself. So to keep this going I decided to start a blog to keep track of everything I do (my travels, new hobbies, new styles) and to share my experiences with you. I’ll start everything off with my christmas haul.


Every year my family decides to give each other little presents. We don’t do secret santa and that sometimes results in funny little gifts. This year I must admit I got a little spoiled and I have to thank all my family for the amazing gifts I got…

I finally got my first MAC lipstick. It’s the MAC Frost Lipstick – Odyssey, and I’m totally in love with it. It has a more purple/plum color and it’s a matte lipstick, ideal for a more darker color like this one. It has a great wearability and I will keep it in my handbag for a long time! Next is a Rituals box. It has 4 bestsellers in it: Zensation (foaming shower gel sensation), Rice Scrub (Calming body scrub), Carpe Diem (nourishing shampoo for frizzy hair) & Magic Touch (ultra rich, whipped body cream). These all smell so nice, of sweet rice milk and cherry blossom. It’s a sweet and calming scent, one I will definitely use in a calming bath when I’m stressed out and need to relax. I will probably give the shampoo away to a friend if mine, because I have straight hair and I feel she will have more use for it than I will.

I’m also so desperately in love with my new rings from Dixi. I got to know this brand from Casey Ann Books, a booktuber I’ve been following for a little while now and I adore her, and when she introduced this I bought some right away. And I love them so much. They’re so detailed and small, but so elegant. I feel like a fairy when wearing them. They’re so adorable. The bracelet next to it is one I got from my aunt and it’s so gorgeous, but unfortunately I have no idea where it comes from, so if any of you know please leave a comment to let me know! It’s a dark grey – black color with a magnet to open and close it. I find it super easy to put on and it’s a simple, but gorgeous bracelet.

Then we have the nerdy stuff. I have to admit that I’m a little bit of a nerd. I have so much stuff from several fandoms, that I actually lost count. Off course my parents and my sweet, adorable sisters got me presents to put in my collection.

I got a beautiful painting from a Korean artist living in Köln. It has all the different houses of Game of Thrones wrapped in one beautiful sigil… It has already a prominent place in my room and it’s gorgeous. I also got an Ariel – Funko Pop! and she’s so adorable! I love her so much.

Gaming isn’t one of my strong points, but I love doing it. (My phone is full of little games) The Sims is one of my favorite games of all time and so I got myself their Medieval game and I’m so excited to start playing. There were also some magnetic bookmarks waiting for me under the christmas tree. They’re from craftedvan, a little etsy-shop that have the most adorable little bookmarks and I’m just in love with my little santa clause. He’s the cutest.

So that’s it. All the beautiful presents I got from my lovely family and a beautiful way to start the new year. I want to wish everyone a happy new year! May you have a year filled with love, friendship and hapiness!


Anna-lisa ❤



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