Damiaanactie – Helping Good Causes

I love helping people out. I don’t always have the means to give to others that doesn’t have it as good as me, but I try as much as I can. One thing you can count on me doing each year is buying the pens dthe Belgian Damiaanactie sells to raise money. It’s only 6 euros for 4 pens and it all goes to helping people with diseases like leprosy and tuberculosis in Africa. (they call them the poverty diseases)

IMG_2045 I started buying these when I was in high school. At a certain point we had to sell a few of them to family, neighbours and others. I think they wanted to teach us to care for others and to try to help those who need it the most. I can tell you that most of my friends and classmates didn’t take this lesson with them in the following years, but I did. I did sell each year I think 5 packs to my family and neighbours and each year I bought one for myself.

Unfortunately I finished high school and I found it a bit harder to help because I couldn’t get my hands on these anymore, but luckily my youngest sister still goes to high school (she’s in her final year, she grows up so quickly!!) and I was able to buy one from her.

I’m not going to give an entire explanation of what they do, because it’s so much and this post blog would be a few pages long if I continue. I will put a picture her with the explanation on the little paper that came with the pens. You’ll also be able to find their website on the bottom of this post. You may not find this action in your country, but I seriously urge you to look for a good cause that you like and want to support and make it an annual thing to help them out.


This isn’t the only good cause I support and give money to, but it’s one close to my heart because it’s been there for years and I know it does a good job and they really help people.

Get out there and try to do something good this week. You’ll help someone and make them happy and also feel better because you were able to do something (even if it’s very small).


Anna-lisa ❤


A gripping montage of what they do… It’s in French, but I think you’ll understand the importance


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