Beauty Haul – January

This month was kind of hard for me. I’ve been revalidating from a small operation on my hand, and it took longer to heal than I expected. I’m still not quite over it, but I’ve finally been able to do my makeup again since the operation. So that’s an evolution I’m quite happy about. Finally after two weeks being makeup-free, I was able to put some makeup on.

When that happened I noticed I needed a new eyeliner, because mine was running out. I couldn’t find mine anymore in the shops here. I used to use the MUA liquid eye liner in black, but they don’t sell it anymore. So I tried two new eyeliners to see if one was as good as the one I used in the past.

IMG_2042 The first one is the eye liner by Yves Rocher in black. I’m not quite sure about this one. It doesn’t stay long when I put it on. It crumbles a little bit after 8 hours and it vanishes in the corners of my eyes. It does have a beautiful black color. It’s just unfortunate it doesn’t stay. The other one is the ScandalEyes Gel Eye Liner by Rimmel London. This one I like a bit more, but it’s quite hard to put on. They give a little brush with it that supposedly makes it easier to put the eyeliner on, but for me it just doesn’t work that well. The color though is one I have high praise for. It’s black is really black and when it’s on it does stay put and doesn’t move. I’m not quite used to gel eye liners, so that needed some getting used to, but I prefer this one to the eye liner by Yves Rocher.

IMG_2043 The next item I bought this past month, is one I’m completely in love with and I’ve worn it ever since I bought it. It’s the Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss for Rimmel London, in shade 111 (Kiss of life). It’s a bright red color that stays beautifully on my lips. This isn’t a matte lipstick. It does have a little shine to it, but it has a beautiful color and it smells so good. It definitely is in my top 5. I would seriously recommend this one.

IMG_2044 The last thing I bought was the cleaning gel I’ve been using for over a year now. When using it, I feel like my skin is really clean and it’s refreshing. I have almost their entire collection of skin care for normal skin. Yves Rocher is quite good even excellent for their skin care. As a gift for being such a loyal client I got a small bottle of shampoo. I don’t know if I’m going to use it, as my hair is quite greasy. So I might give it to a friend of mine.

I hope you guys found some interesting and beautiful new makeup and beauty products this past january. Let me know of some new products you like and some I should definitely try!


Anna-lisa ❤


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