Fluffy Greek Yoghurt Pancakes

Breakfast is in my opinion the most important meal of the day. Whether it is at 5 in the morning or at noon, whenever you wake up your body needs fuel to get on with the day you have planned.

So I’m always looking for new ways to kick off my day just right and for Easter Monday I just had the recipe. I found this recipe on Pinterest, right here and I immediately wanted to try it. And I loved it.

The greek yoghurt makes these pancakes light and fluffy and the berries give these a healthy touch and a fruitier taste. And with the chocolate chips on the other side you also get a more decadent taste.


Fluffy Greek Yoghurt Pancakes

  • Makes 16 pancakes
  • Ingredients
    • 2 cups self raising flour (or any other flour you want to use)
    • 2 teaspoons baking powder (or 1 tbsp of baking powder if use any other flour)
    • 2 tbsp raw sugar
    • ¼ tsp salt (½ tsp if you use any other flour)
    • 2 large eggs
    • 2 ½ tbsp coconut oil, melted (or any other oil)
    • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
    • 1 cup plain non-fat greek yoghurt
    • 1 cup unsweetend almond milk (or skim/low fat milk)
    • ⅓ cup fresh (or frozen) raspberries
    • ⅓ cup fresh (or frozen) blueberries
    • ¼ cup dark/semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Directions
    • Combine together all dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl and whisk together. Set aside.
    • In a smaller bowl, combine together the eggs, oil, vanilla and yoghurt. Whisk well until creamy and smooth. Add the milk and mix until combined.
    • Pour the yoghurt mixture over the dry ingredients and stir slowly with a wooden spoon until the batter is just combined. There will be lumps in the batter. Fold the berries and the chocolate chips through the batter, being gentle so as not to break them.
    • Heat a pan on medium heat and put a little oil on it. Make sure the pan is warm enough before putting some batter on it. Using a ¼ cup measuring cup, pour batter onto the pan to bake your pancakes. When batter is on the pan, spread it out a little bit.
    • Cook them for 3-4 minutes until you see bubbles forming on top, check the underside before flipping. If golden, flip and cook for a further 2-3 minutes or until cooked through. Repeat with remaining batter.
    • To serve, dust with a little icing sugar and top with some extra berries or maple syrup.

I used ⅔ cups of frozen blueberries. While baking the pancakes, they split open and the juice that they released gave a beautiful blue/purple colour to the pancakes. I whisked the batter a little bit more than usual and they did form some bubbles. It can be that if you follow the original recipe, you won’t have any bubbles forming. Don’t worry, just make sure it’s cooked through before flipping them.


These are amazing. They are light and fluffy, a perfect breakfast to start the day. I even froze some to eat later and this worked perfectly as well. A great idea for a meal prep. 

Try them out and let me know how it went! Don’t hesitate to post some recipes you would like to share. I want to try all of them and learn some new ones. Even though I look through the internet every day looking for new recipes, I’m sure there’s a lot more out there that I haven’t even seen yet. Let’s share the love for cooking.


Anna-Lisa ❤


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