Strawberry, Kale & Potato Salad

Spring is finally back in town and with the extremely high temperatures for June, you could even think it was already summer. The ideal time to pull out all my favourite salad recipes to get ready for the summer and get back into shape.

The recipe I want to share with you today, is actually one I thought of myself. I love the combination of the different ingredients in this recipe. It’s really healthy and it’s the perfect time to eat strawberries as they just came back into season. Let’s get to it.


Strawberry, Kale & Potato Salad

  • serves 1
  • Ingredients
    • 50g kale (I used a package of green and red baby kale)
    • 100g fresh strawberries
    • 100g potatoes
    • provincial herbs to taste
    • dressing of your choice
  • Directions
    • Cook your potatoes first. I boiled them until they were tender. Then I baked them in a bit of olive oil to make them a bit more crispier. I added some provincial herbs to the potatoes to give it a bit more taste.
    • Then you need to wash the kale. Drain it thoroughly. Put it in a large bowl and massage it with some olive oil. This makes it a bit softer and easier to digest.
    • Cut the strawberries in smaller pieces. I quartered them. But you can do what you want here.
    • In a deep plate first put the Kale. Top it with the strawberries, followed by the potatoes.
    • Finally top it with your dressing of choice. I didn’t add too much extra dressing because of the olive oil that was already in the kale and the potatoes.
    • Feel free to add some nutritional yeast or finally grated cheese to give a bit more taste. I added some grated Pecorino.


This salad is so good. The kale combines super well with the sweet strawberries and the potatoes give you a full feeling that makes you go through your day until your next dinner. But it’s still light and there isn’t one taste that is overpowering.

I’ll definitely make this one again on a hot summer day when I’m in need of a sweet, tasteful, yet filling salad. Let me know what you think. Would you make if differently? If you try this one, please let me know and send me a picture in the comments below. I’d love to see what you make of it.  


Try this one out and let me know what you think. Don’t hesitate to post some recipes you would like to share. I want to try all of them and learn some new ones. Even though I look through the internet every day looking for new recipes, I’m sure there’s a lot more out there that I haven’t even seen or heard of yet. Let’s share the love for cooking.


Anna-Lisa ❤


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