Summery Rice Salad

It’s time for another salad! I’m obsessed with salads for the moment. Just blame it on the weather. There are only a few days left in spring, but I’m already with my mind and body in summer. It’s been around 25-30°C the last few days, way too hot if you ask me, but we make do. You have to understand, when we have such temperatures in Belgium, it’s not a nice warmth, it’s a pressing warmth. I usually keep all my windows and curtains closed as to keep the warmth out. And at night i pull everything open to let in some fresh air.

One of the positives of this weather though, is that it’s the perfect time to pull out all kinds of salads. I always go crazy with the fruits and vegetables that come into season. And I can’t wait to explore even more of them this year. This time I had some leftover rice that I cooked for another recipe. This recipe actually came to be with all the food I had leftover in my fridge.

Let’s get to the recipe.


Summery Rice Salad

  • serves 4
  • Ingredients
    • 200 g rice
    • 200 g feta cheese
    • 100 g sundried tomatoes
    • 150 g cucumber
    • 120 g corn 
    • 1 tbsp tahini sauce
    • 1 tbsp white balsamico vinigar
    • salt & pepper
  • Directions
    • The night before cook your rice as per directions on the package and let it cool down completely overnight. (Or use rice you have left over, like I did)
    • In a small bowl mix the tahini with the white balsamic vinegar and the salt and pepper. Stir well until there are no lumps left. Put it aside. You can add some water if you prefer your dressing a bit runnier. 
    • Prepare the other ingredients. Dice the cheese, sundried tomatoes and the cucumber. Rince the corn.
    • In a large bowl add the cooled rice, the diced feta, sundried tomatoes, cucumber and the corn. Stir until all the ingredients are mixed.
    • Drizzle your Tahini-mixture on the salad and stir well. The olive oil from the sundried tomatoes will add it’s flavour to the sauce.
    • Enjoy !

Serve cold. with some iced tea or ice cold water. This is also a perfect recipe for a summer picnic. The dressing isn’t to runny, so it keeps well in small containers. It also keeps well in the fridge for a few days, so perfect to prep it beforehand.


I usually make a big batch of rice, pasta, couscous or quinoa beforehand and then incorporate it into all different kinds of recipes. Like this one. ^^ Try it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments below. And add a picture if you want. I can’t wait to see what you make of it.  

Don’t hesitate to post some recipes you would like to share. I want to try all of them and learn some new ones. Even though I look through the internet every day looking for new recipes, I’m sure there’s a lot more out there that I haven’t even seen or heard of yet. Let’s share the love for cooking.


Anna-Lisa ❤


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