Paris for Her

Palais des Thés has a new tea out and I have been dying to try this out and see how it tasted. It’s a sweet tea with a soft taste, but not overpowering. Ideally for during the day. It does remind me of another tea though, I think it’s the Twinings – Mango Litchi Tea, but I’m not so sure. I think it’s the Litchi that makes me reminisce.


This delicious green tea has different layers to it. You first get the taste of the rose. It’s not that overpowering, but it’s a taste that stays. The litchi gives it a sweet aftertaste and is a perfect addition to the Rose. The raspberry is more in the background. You smell it more than you taste it. That is, in my opinion too bad, because I love their Green Tea – Raspberry.


The instructions ask for the water to be boiled to 80°C and leave it in for 3 minutes. Don’t overdo it. I do believe that when the water is hotter it’ll boil the tea and the sweet taste of the rose won’t be the same. I did leave it in for a little while longer, because I like the taste of my tea to be stronger than the instructions.

Paris for Her is a light, sweet green tea, with a perfect match between the Rose and the Litchi. It’s one I’ll enjoy for a long long time.


Anna-Lisa ❤